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i come from royalty, i expect to be treated as such!
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14th-Mar-2006 01:22 am - a rubber chicken in a bikini....
lee.loo pfft!
i just don't know about this...
a rubber chicken (ick they feel weird!)
in a bikini?!

yeah i know it's big, but look! so cute! <3
lee.loo stance
whooo hoo! well this set starts with something pretty funny or gross depending on how you look at it. where we're staying at my friend's place in oakland, which is a warehouse space, so she went out to potty on the roof of the mattress warehouse attached. this was hilarious for me - so of course i took pics:

a bunch more fun rooftop pics i swear not all poopy!Collapse )
2nd-Mar-2006 01:12 pm - another quiet night at home
lee.loo pfft!
it's been snuggle weather lately, so pardon all the curled up poses but it's a pretty accurate sampling of what we've been doing for the last month or so:

cut for tongue!Collapse )
24th-Feb-2006 10:48 am - pigs and pug!
butt out!
i always said lee.loo is more pig-like than dog-like, and that just furthers my fascination with piggies. (i love all things pig and pug) a friend sent me these piggy toe socks (another fascination of mine) and lee.loo felt that they were toys. i snapped this pic over my laptop as i noticed she'd woken from slumber to try to attack the piggies! she was so busted. she's even busted for cheese gravy from breakfast on her chin. i love my lee.loo!

"what? these weren't for me?"
22nd-Feb-2006 08:16 pm - momma's girl no more!
so, guess who fed lee.loo some of mommy's leftover filet mignon from dinner at pamplemousse?

and guess who's lee.loo's new best friend?

i'll give you a hint:

*raises eyebrow*
butt out!
i pretty much promised halcyonpink that i would never take his picture while he was passed out, but this is different right? this is sleep and adorable! we had a mellow v-day, but had big plans for the following night so we swapped gifts, lee.loo's included of course, and carried on with our business to try to get things done so we could take the night off wednesday for cirque du soleil: quidam and dinner with jaleenafied and her man, andrew. it was kicks. big kicks.

but this is about the night before that, after a day of taking care of business (including picking up the tickets to the show at the box office and the paid parking debacle that ensued) both of my babies were tired. i had taken lee.loo out for some crazy walks with some chasing game play that she loves oh so much. it involves her running around coyly, pausing, daring to tear a chunk of grass up with her mouth, and then her jetting off in big circles around the doggy yard with me chasing her. at least she thinks i am. she's not *that* big, so i more lunge at her on ocassion to get her riled up again. =P

i was still up and i decided to play cleaning housefairy, and did a bunch of housework while they snoozed by the fire and some old comedy dvd. it was too precious not to snap pictures of, so of course, pardon the quality, it was fairly dark in there so i messed with the contrast on the snapshot cam but here they are:

shhh...they're getting their beauty rest!Collapse )
16th-Feb-2006 12:23 pm - DIY dog wash with webcam!
butt out!
i almost forgot! yesterday was our first trip to the groomers, though we didn't need grooming, technically. i wanted lee.loo's claws clipped and she had her little anal glands expressed! yay! she seemed to be feeling quite spry after all of that and she was a good little patient. for $7 it was worth the toenail clipping, but i think i'll save the other $7 in the future and express her anal glands myself. it isn't hard, i just hadn't ever done it on a little dog before and i didn't know how she would reacte. she did great though, we're happy to report! she is anal leakage free!

and my sheets and pants thank me for it.

the doggy wash has do-it-yourself wash basins and they have doggy daycare, overnight sitting with individual rooms, and get this - a webcam so you can watch your pet while you're away if you're having separation anxiety. it's kind of ridiculous but i also really love that the internet has gotten us to the point where if i'm worried about my precious puggy, i can just go online and check out her webcam and make sure she's being treated with love.

yay for clean dogs!
15th-Feb-2006 11:49 am - valentine's day, puggy style
lee.loo stance
wheeee! yesterday rocked my socks, i got a new plushy pink rope heart toy, and a heart shaped pink and red tennis ball! it bounces all wonky so i never know where it's going next! my mommy helped me make valentines for everyone out there in cyberdogland because i just love everybody so i wanted to extend my asking to everyone. here's what she made, and my morning waking up to my first v-day with mommy:

i wasn't as interested in the pink tissue paper as mom thought i'd be, but i was sure to keep it close by. i did take her soft fluffy throw pillow as a throne though, it matches my new toy!

yep, i think i'll be claiming this pillow as mine.

spread the pug love all week humans! we dogs do it 24/7!!!

puggy love,

lee.loo lebowski
7th-Feb-2006 11:30 am - another pug meetup pic
lee.loo pfft!
i found these ones on the website, pug.meetup.com:

yesterday was a success in my eyes, lee.loo wasn't totally hip to all the other puggies running around, but she was definitely happier at the rancho coastal humane society dog park than she was at dog beach. no sand being kicked up on lee.loo's tongue at least makes the forced socialisation bearable. i think it helped that most of the dogs were pugs, more her size - there for united pug meetup day. there were around 25 other pugs running wild, rolling wild is probably a more accurate way to describe it and it was hilarious. it's amazing the difference in their faces, demeanor, feel of their coats, their tails - wow! i was worried i wouldn't be able to tell my pug from the rest, but i recognised unsavior's puggies before i recognised him! on to the pictures, i think this first one expressed most accurately how lee.loo felt about the whole debacle:

"um, yeah, mom? there are a lot of other dogs acting goofy over there. i'm much more refined than all of this!"

cut for many, many more pugs!Collapse )
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